Where do these rocks come from?

In the streets and gardens of Poznan in Poland there are often red and pink coloured rocks.

Stone wall with pink & red coloured rocks

Stone wall with pink & red coloured rocks

I asked my grandfather where all the nice rocks came from.  My grandfather, who is a geologist and who knows all about rocks, told me that these rocks came from Norway.  “Norway? … this is very far!”  I asked him “How did they get here?”

He told me that once there was a time when it was very cold and Norway was covered by a giant ice sheet, more than 2 km thick!!!

The ice slid slowly to the south, tore rocks away from the country and carried the rocks with it.  Later the weather became warm again, the ice melted and the rocks were liberated.  In that way the Norwegian rocks settled down in Poland … after a journey of 1000 km over 50000 years!!!

Ice flow from Norway

Ice flow from Norway




Guest author:  Alexia Thiry, 9 years.  Address:  4Hands, nr 4(17) / 2013-11-24 The International School of Poznan Monthly (Poland).  Guest grandfather:  Dr Medard Thiry, Centre des Geosciences, Mines ParisTech, 35 rue St Honore, 77305 Fontainebleau, France.

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